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Friday, March 30


Never shy about sampling something new in the sweet treats category, last week Scoboco went to the spanking-new Yolato on Broadway and 82nd Street to see what the press-release fuss—complete with plans for rapid expansion in New York City—was all about. After trying at least 10 flavors of their stunningly bland and plasticky gelato (as well as both varieties of their better frozen yogurt), we're still trying to figure it out.

The store itself is very appealing, with its floor-to-ceiling white mini-tiles and mod, metallic-red stools. The staffed-up crew couldn't have been more friendly and patient (the place was pretty busy, even on a chilly, drizzly night). And the gelato definitely all looks tempting and nicely garnished and the different-colored handles on the scoopers signify your different options—regular, dairy-free, and sugar-free—and... yeah. Bo, Co and I really wanted to be enthusiastic. Unfortunately, the stuff just doesn't taste good.

The Chocolate was the worst—remarkably greasy and tasteless—and, sorry to say, we all ordered it. You get two scoops in a "Regular" cup, so I paired mine with Pineapple, which showed potential, with a nice bite that, sadly, concealed an unpleasant finish. Co opted for Nutella, which was almost a bland (and definitely as oily) as the Chocolate, and Bo went for her usual Green Tea, which she said was pretty good, but "fake tasting". About halfway through my gelato cup I gave up and ordered a Plain-flavored yogurt (they also serve Strawberry; their West Village location—at which the gelato is equally disappointing, report Debbie and her daughter—offers Plain and Orange) with strawberries and Hersey's chocolate syrup. This at least felt like a real dessert, and the yogurt had a nice sour tang, but it was still only about half as good as what they're pushing at Pinkberry.

By the way, all of Yolato's offerings are billed as low-fat, low-calorie, low-carb, etc., but that's no excuse. They also make crepes, which look pretty good, but I have my doubts.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I couldn't disagree more! Yolato is amazing. If no one had told me, I would have not known it's low fat!

The frozen softserve, WOW!!! Out of this world!

Thank goodness New York has Yolato!

11:48 AM, April 24, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

What planet were you on! This stuff is AMAZING! I have been to Italy many times and can tell you I am a Gelato expert and Yolato Gelato rivals the gelato I had in Italy!

12:00 PM, April 24, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...



12:04 PM, April 24, 2007

Blogger Scott said...

As eater.com might say, it appears that Scoboco's been hit by a shill-storm!

3:00 PM, April 24, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oily? Its freakin frozen yogurt, gelato style. How the hell do you use the word oily to describe Yolato? You are the worst food critic I've ever read.

10:37 AM, May 21, 2008

Anonymous charlotte said...

Pinkberry is what's oily...you and your "food criticism." Yolato is GREAT! I love their Gelatos.

7:45 PM, August 02, 2008


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