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Wednesday, July 18


Now, I'm not much of a drinking man... and, frankly, neither are Bo and Co. But last week the three of us found ourselves in the high west-50s with some time to kill, so I thought it'd be fun to goof around in the bar(s) at the Hudson Hotel for a bit, and show my lovely daughters all of the daring, silly, eccentric—and, to us, extremely appealing—design spread out through the five or so rooms adjoining the lobby. And I was right. It was fun.

When you enter Hudson from the street (by the way, that torch you see to the right of the front doorway above is usually lit with an impressively dangerous-looking flame) you find yourself in a cramped space. Take the escalator up one flight to the lobby (pictured below). Bo and Co couldn't help but smile at the huge crystal chandelier amidst from the vine-covered brick and skylights. Are we inside? Outside? Does it matter?

Behind you is our favorite room, a disarming and thoroughly engaging combination of rustic and contemporary, rough-hewn wood and slick acrylic, ornate stylings and clean lines. The floor is futuristic (circa Clockwork Orange-era) underlit plastic; the close ceiling covered with a pastoral, cray-pas-y mural. It's totally crazy, it totally works.

I've seen this log bench at various design shows (in front of Sotheby's, I think, and at something in London), but never before in place. It's unexpectedly comfy, and we loved the way it worked in the room.

Down the hall to the left of the front desk is the "library/ cows-with-hats/ pool table" room. Read, low, play, drink.

Then it's out onto the patio—no surprise, the most happening spot on this nice summer's evening—all done up in brick and greenery and various Alice-in-Wonderland touches.

If you feel like eating, the indoor dining room is highlighted by a large open kitchen framed by people on fire, and these big communal tables, at which one lucky person gets to be Queen.

Hudson is located on 58th Street between Eighth and Ninth Avenues. It is a full-service hotel, but I know nothing about rooms or rates. I also have no idea if the food is any good. The bars seem to me like a fun spot for a first or third date... or to bring an out-of-town visitor... or a cool place to go if YOU are an out-of-town visitor.... or if you just feel like goofing around with your friends. Or daughters.

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