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Sunday, July 22

Jim Isermann at Deitch Projects

A few years back I asked a friend of mine if she could please recommend a few things to do in Soho to entertain some out-of-town visitors. Her thorough and thoughtful list included this bit of advice: "Deitch usually has cool shows..." Simple enough, but I'm always reminded of (and usually take action on) her almost-throwaway line when I'm wandering Southern Soho—mostly because she was, as usual, totally right.

Even when the art itself doesn't completely engage me, the generally playful Deitch sensibility, the large open space, and, in the summer, the blast of air conditioning, all always make it worth a look. Like last week, for instance, when I stopped in to see Jim Isermann's Vinyl Smash-Up, 1999 - 2007, for which the artist had covered the huge gallery walls floor-to-ceiling with six different decal pieces, all running into one another.

Now, I was less than blown away by these designs, perhaps especially now, in the age of bliks. Isermann's primary palette isn't exactly my favorite, either. But still, there is something powerful about the overall effect of such a big room, vinyled up so bright. For scale, that's my messenger bag on the floor in the picture below.

And if there's not something cool going on inside Deitch Projects, there usually is across the street. On this day, for example, these two papered-on crushed cones...

And this three-dimensional Stickman piece...

Jim Isermann: Vinyl Smash-Up, 1999-2007, will be on exhibit through August 4. Deitch Projects is located on Wooster Street, just south of Grand. There is also a Deitch gallery around the corner, on Grand Street, just east of Wooster.

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