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Wednesday, July 25

MyMix 7.25

I make a new On-The-Go mix just about every morning. Here's some of what I'll be listening to, shuffled—in fact, on my Shuffle, which is a great summertime supplement for the regular iPod—today.

Land of Talk: Magnetic Hill
Spoon: You Got Yr. Cherry Bomb*
Battles: Atlas
Nouvelle Vague: In a Manner of Speaking**
White Rabbits: Kid on my Shoulders
Bishop Allen: Bishop Allen Drive
Menomena: Rotten Hell
The Frames: Underglass
Fleetwood Mac: Landslide
Interpol: No I in Threesome
The Chemical Brothers: The Pills Won't Help You Now
Voxtrot: The Start of Something
Rihanna: Umbrella
The Decemberists: The Crane Wife 1 & 2
Straylight Run: How Do I Fix My Head
Project Jenny, Project Jan: Negative
Brandi Carlile: The Story***
Elliot Smith: Bottle Up and Explode!
Beirut: Mount Wroclai
Jem: Just a Ride
Joseph Arthur: Diamond Ring
Radical Face: Welcome Home****
The Sunshine Underground: I Ain't Losing Any Sleep

* I've never been a serious Spoon fanatic—sure, tunes like Jonathan Fisk and My Mathematical Mind rock, but I've always felt the band's albums lacked depth. However, I must say that their new disc, Ga Ga Ga Ga Ga, is one of my favorite CDs of the year. The Ghost of You Lingers, Underdog, Rhthm & Soul, Black Like Me... I can't seem to get enough. Oh and if you haven't seen the Underdog video, please do so now.

** Thank you, A Might Heart, for introducing me to this song over your end credits. I'm not as convinced by other Nouvelle Vague covers—they do bossa nova versions of 80s new wave and punk—but this take on the Tuxedomoon classic is so sultry and sad.

*** Totally corny, totally poppy, totally great for summer.

**** Thanks to Out the Other for this discovery. She did a great mid-year best-of, complete with mp3s, a few weeks back. Definitely worth a look. And listen.



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based on your list of songs, you might enjoy daytrotter.com

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