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Saturday, October 20

Fuerzabruta at the Daryl Roth Theatre

My 24-hour-party-people daughters and I had SUCH a blast tonight at Fuerzabruta, the new show—still in previews—from the people who staged De La Guarda.

This is a non-narrative, dance/acrobatic performance that's loud, surprising, participatory, sexy, violent (in a STREB kind of way—not for nothing is it called "brute force"), and totally totally fun... like your dream night out at a club, where the music is thumping and you can't stop smiling and people are doing insane, startling, beautiful things all around you.

I don't want to get too specific, because part of the excitement lies in the (in Co's case, nervous) anticipation of what's going to happen next—and from which direction it's going to come!—but I will say that the excellent cast crash through things and dance like crazy and fall and scream and sprint and swim and spin and splash and slam and throw stuff and there's a giant treadmill and an enormous pool and a bizarre sail-like contraption and wind and water and smoke and a DJ wearing a George Washington wig.

Fuerzabruta officially opens on October 24 at the Daryl Roth Theatre on 15th Street, a half a block east of Union Square Park. Tickets for the few remaining previews are half price. The show lasts a little over an hour, and you're standing and dancing and being herded around the whole time. You will almost certainly get damp, and possibly covered in debris.

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Blogger Mike Domitrz said...

You saw "fuerzabruta" in New York City. Is it appropriate for a 10yr old? We have a group of 20 with 7 kids (ages 10 - 15) and 13 adults. Someone recommended this show and then I saw your comments in the NY Times Reviews section. What do you think for our group?

Mike Domitrz

1:56 PM, July 23, 2008


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