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Sunday, October 28

Spitzer's Corner

Bo was busy Bat Mitvahing last weekend, and Co and I needed some lunch. I was thinking Tiny's—my go-to spot for an LES midday meal—but the lure of Pork Fat Popcorn, spotted on the menu posted outside this brand-new eatery, proved to be too much for my younger daughter, and so Spitzer's Corner it was.

On a beautiful day, as last Saturday most certainly was, Spitzer's Corner proved itself to be an excellent spot for some relaxing people watching and mostly quite satisfying food. Breezy and bright from the wide-open front, the interior is all massive wooden communal tables and rough-hewn walls made from (presumably never used) pickle barrels. The main downside here: there are no chairs with backs... it's all benches and stools.

Anyway, about that popcorn. We both agreed that, had we not been told about the pork fat, we never would have guessed. It didn't really taste bacon-y, or piggy, in any way. No question, this is a good bowl of popcorn: light, crunchy, nicely popped, well salted. If that sounds exciting to you, then by all means you should indulge.

Next came our real food. Co got the Grilled Cheese Sandwich, and the verdict was unanimous: amazing Sullivan sourdough; skimpy, disappointingly unmelted ascunty cheese; oddly un-complementary tomato relish. It all got eaten, and the greens were fresh and lightly tossed, but still. I ordered the Hickory Short Rib Burger, and this beast was near-perfection. Delivered medium rare, as requested; the meat thick, juicy and intensely flavorful; the bun firm enough to hang in there, but soft enough to bite through with ease; all topped with greasy sharp cheddar, pickles and tomatoes. And the fries, too, were a success— again, cooked as requested (well-done, crunchy) with plenty of real potato taste. This filled me up for about three days.

Spitzer's Corner is located on the corner of Rivington and Ludlow Streets. They have a lengthy wine and beer list, there's a huge back room, and I imagine it gets insanely packed at night.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

we're waiting for your review of the Inn at LW12... maybe you could test drive it for us? or is it not your kinda place? thanks- love your blog!
Tim and Pammy

8:37 AM, October 30, 2007

Blogger Scott said...

Thanks for your kind words, Tim and Pammy.

Actually, my younger daughter Co and I went to the Inn at LW12 last April when it first opened, and had an incredibly unsubtle, filling but quite good meal.


I read that they've changed the menu considerably since then, so I'm not sure how relevant our experience is anymore.

Another suggestion, right in that neighborhood, in case you've never been: a couple of Fridays ago I went back to Fatty Crab for the first time in a year, sat at the bar, chatted about Radiohead with the tender, and had a such a great meal: watermelon and pork belly salad, unbelievably good deviled eggs, and pork buns. The space is small and noisy and all the food is intensely, funky-ily flavored, but if you're in the mood, it sure is good.

12:19 PM, October 30, 2007


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