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Thursday, September 7

Momofuku Ssäm Bar

Co and I took advantage of a half-day at school (Bo had a full day) and went downtown to buy a birthday present at Forbidden Planet* and to lunch on the "asian burritos" at Momofuku Ssäm Bar.

I've already raved about the ramen at Momofuku Noodle Bar (one of the very few reasons to welcome chillier weather is that I can go slurp those steaming bowls of pork and noodle heaven again); the spanking-new Ssäm Bar is right nearby and, if nothing else, brings some sleek styling to the dreary corners of 13th and 2nd.

As for the ssäms, which are really more like wraps than burritos (and wraps that use those Chinese restaurant Moo Shu Pork pancakes)... well, the jury's still out. Co and I both had the shredded pork, and added pickled cucumbers, black beans, white rice, "kewpie slaw", and hoisin. Co also chose shitake mushrooms, and we both skipped the kimchi paste, fearing mega midday garlic. They were just ok: definitely flavorful, but too sweet and heavy, especially for lunch. And at $9 each, it's not like this was a real bargain.

So maybe I'll try again some night, when the place doesn't feel so lonely and my stomach is better prepared for a ssäm bomb... but then, with the best noodles in town just a block or so away, I'm not sure why I'd want to.

* Located on 13th and Broadway, Forbidden Planet has the best selection of Asterix books in the city, which are ideal for classmate/acquaintance birthday parties because a) very few kids already have them and b) they're very very very funny. Also in stock at Forbidden Planet: the new Ninja Ugly Dolls, whose all-black "bodysuits" might help them on stealthy warrior missions, but definitely strip them of a lot of personality and charm.

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Blogger David Marc Fischer said...

My favorite is Asterix and the Legionnaires. At least I think that's what it's called....

10:40 AM, September 09, 2006

Blogger Scott said...

Legionnaires is great. In fact, here's ScoBoCo's Top 5 all-time Asterix books:

1 Asterix and Cleopatra
2 Asterix the Gladiator
3 Asterix the Gaul
4 Asterix the Legionnaire
5 Asterix in Britain
6 Asterix and the Olympic Games

Ok, Top 6.

10:50 AM, September 09, 2006

Blogger David Marc Fischer said...

Oh, of course! Asterix and Cleopatra is the best. Sorry I screwed that up!

12:12 AM, September 13, 2006


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