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Saturday, September 9

Art Parade in Soho 2006

Scoboco had a blast this lovely afternoon at the Deitch/Paper Magazine/Creative Time Art Parade. We arrived about a half hour early and got a great spot right off Prince Street, chatted it up with the friendly folks around us, and grinned and cheered and danced and shouted out, in true Mardi Gras fashion, "Hey mister, throw me something!" and the freebies went flying as about 40 minutes worth of marchers turned West Broadway into a block party.

Here are just a few shots (click to enlarge) of the many creative, lively, loud, silly, sexified, politicized, happy revelers.

PS: We did go to S'Mac for dinner, and it's just as good (and the owners just as calm and friendly) as it was in early July.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

great pics. next year maybe i will brave the dreaded crowded streets of a sunny soho afternoon and come see it with you guys.

4:40 PM, September 11, 2006


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