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Saturday, September 9

The Jacques Torres Ice Cream Sandwich

Scoboco stopped by Chocolate Haven today for a little treat on our way to the Art Parade... and instead got a big, beautiful mid-afternoon dessert—a decadent ice cream sandwich that was rightly called one of the best in town a few weeks ago by New York Magazine.

That we had something delicious at Jacques Torres's place (on Charlton and Hudson, two blocks south of Houston) isn't terribly surprising. After all, the recipe is this: take one of his terrific, chunky chocolate chip cookies; slather on about a scoop of rich, dense ice cream; put another cookie on top. What's not to like? Yes, it's really more a Chipwich than a traditional, cakey sandwich... and in fact Co pointed out that it'd be easier to eat if the cookie were softer, though after we made ours open-faced things got a little less messy.

Anyway, the three of us split one, and it was plenty. We chose chocolate, but all the flavors sounded tempting: roasted banana, hazelnut, vanilla, raspberry, peanut butter. The only bad news: the woman behind the drinks bar told me that they'll probably stop selling these in a month or so, unless customers start buying them like it's summertime again. So please, people, get over there and do your part, so we can enjoy these all year round!

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Anonymous Erin said...

I bet I could eat a whole one alone sitting in front of a good movie.

4:43 PM, September 11, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agree with erin, although i might have 2, one chic chip and one peanut butter.

1:56 PM, September 12, 2006


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