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Thursday, September 14

Bings at Roll and Dough

Add bings to your list of the city's great quick bites.

The creation of Elizabeth Ting—who apparantly first sold them at Unique Pastry in Queens, and this month opened up shop in the West Village—bings are Eggo-sized, somehow both chewy AND flaky, sesame-encrusted pastries neatly (and generously) stuffed with such sweet or savory treats as banana, red bean, spicy chicken, cabbage, vegetable, pork and chives... about 15 varieties were available when I stopped by last night. I had a beef and a chicken, and am already anxious to go back for more. And I know Bo and Co will love them. The fillings were juicy without being sloppy, flavorful without living on in my mouth for hours, and at $1.50 each, it made for an unbelievably cheap, totally tasty on-the-go dinner.

Roll and Dough is right off Sixth Avenue on West 3rd Street, ideal for a pre- or post-IFC movie snack. There are tables, and they also serve soup and buns and dumplings.

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Anonymous step momster said...

Sounds delicious -- and, even better, is near the new WPC offices. kp

5:24 PM, September 17, 2006

Anonymous Jack B, the Generation X Y JaZz guy said...

Totally dope sounding stuff! I can't believe it has eluded this messenger's eyes until now!

8:36 PM, September 22, 2006


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