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Thursday, September 14

Ursa Minor

For a few years now I've heard people say that my friend Michelle Casillas has a beautiful voice; that I definitely should see her perform. Finally, on Wednesday night I had the opportunity, when her excellent band Ursa Minor played Club Midway on Avenue B.

They weren't kidding about her voice.

Michelle's singing is truly luscious; soulful, playful, deeply affecting. Her songs are lovely, jazzy, sad, welcoming. I was reminded of Feist more than once. And the band was terrific—the usual rythmn section of Bob DiPietro and Rod Jost was joined by a trumpet player whose name escapes me, but he definitely added some punch to the arrangements. I had a great time, and only hope they play again soon.

You can hear a few Ursa Minor tunes (and see some pictures that don't suck) here, and here, and here.

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